Thursday, May 13, 2004

Twilight Wind Chime Orchestra

that's the name of the slightly unusual and very young Japanese duo that stood out from the others on last night's on NHK's 'On Air Battle' ,
let you know if/when they actually record ...

Correction. Yesterday's Rammellzee "Bi -Conicals"int. was with SWEDEN's
"Sex" ('6') Magazine . In depth questioning , but fun
we were laughing to remember early J M Basquiet and his broken (possibly sat on) cornet ...

Listening : the box set of Happy End
Noyuri's brother brought from Tokyo last week .
You may have heard Happy in the karaoke scene and end titles of
"Lost In Translation" Sdtk .
They were Haruomi 'Harry' Hosono's group before Yellow Magic Orchestra.
Guitar based , ala Moby Grape , CSNY .
Great box for fans , much info and so well organized .


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