Tuesday, May 11, 2004

shaved eyebrow

* Last week I was sent a bibliography in progress on the works of author
William Gibson and spent some time ms'ing bk to fill in some things .
Was fun going back over projects we did with Gibson over the years,
the CG video & audio presentation "Hip Tech High Lit"
partner William Barg and i got together for The Caravan Of Dreams in Fort Worth Texas '87 , the Movie projects that may have happened if ...
+ the "Neuromancer" 10th Anniversary Audio Book '94 and
the dev/production/post of the "Johnny Mnemonic" movie '95

X missed Arnaud from Black Strobe DJing @ Table 50 .Sat. night ...

* this AM , short feature on NHK about the Newar style Vajra Hotel in Kathmandu Nepal . Interviews with the manager woman from Germany who also did her theatrical presentations there .
Seeing the excellent hotel grounds , flower garden and rooftop bars with it's views of the white Himalayas up in the sky high clouds brought back all that , the people and good feeling of traveling and being in Nepal .
The Vajra sponsored in part for by the same cat from Texas that funded the Caravan Of Dreams as well as the 'Biosphere' in Arizona .
We took WG and Bruce Sterling there after Texas that time ...

* Today Ika from Iceland's Sex magazine will interview The Rammellzee
@ the BattleStation , Wed. Nina from Sex will come to take photos for the int.
Rammell fans in the Northern Countries ...

* Set up the French/German TV Arte "Tracks" shoot for The Rammellzee
for next Thurs (20th) with Schyda

* Shin' email that DCC got an offer to license "This Is Riphop" in Japan
from the indie DJ 12" label in Tokyo . Forward to rest of group & Mike @ Tmu

* used much of the wkend to work on the upcoming new DCC EP ,
figuring out track order , preparing for what's left to do ,
working on idea for a new track for the Album that should follow

* MC Kukoo Da BagaBonz heading out to LA for E3 Game Show /Conf. to meet people there , Kukoo's rippin and runnin , got 2 new Game' bts from me to marinate for his trip

* Paul Geluso , engineer / mixer / Co producer who's worked with us on "Nowthenafter" , the DCC rere's , recording all the vocals for "Bi -Conicals"
should be coming by this week so we can work on this public domain song we are working to finish

* looking at more photo & retouched images for Dom 'unreleased & rare' Proj.
and more photos from Noyuri's 1980's ( DCC , Shin with shaved eyebrows ,
Robert Longo opening with black rain Dave Vulcan, Aki )

* and Dystopians are in their studio in West Village , hacking out new sounds


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