Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lightning Nightning

Head up after last week's Studio blazing on multi sdtks.
One of them didn't end so well, but sometimes that's just how it goes.
And will leave it at that !

Amid media wash recycling health care debates - at least it's not all about Obama's birth certificate by now -
Afghan elections, Iraq big bombings and Pakistan and N Korean nukes -the images of the Taiwan mudslides and flooding was amazing and sad.
Walking home Tue's night as that big storm was blowing in was the first truly scary walk home in ages.
Could imagine the lightning was going to strike, right then, in mid step. 70mph wind gust blew the windows right open.

Hearing more music:
Nissennenmondai sounding good ...
New group by Geoff Barrows - Beaks> sounding good !

Maga Bo Friday night @ Glasslands !
with DJ Ripley ...


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