Thursday, August 07, 2008

Emotional rollermoster

Excellent time riding waves at Brant Beach, dodging the single reddish jellyfish,
gazing out from high porch at dolphin pods cruising up current, a giant orange ball sunset.
Cousin Mike not seen for 43 years, our family spread from NJ to Texas , from DC area to Fla and S Carolina.
'Twilight Zone' -ish moments spend around dining table with one we call 'Aunt' but who's not really Aunt, plates of baked zitti, sliced ham, homemade pirogi's, quiche.
Clear blue skies and bright white sun, great peaceful Brooklyn vibes at Erykah Badu's free show in Crown Heights Mon.,
a great early dinner @ Sushiden with Nazars, then Macy's and Victoria's Secret 34th St. experience Tue's for my birthday walking back from T Square.
Opening for Q Sakamaki's Tompkins Sq Park Book @ powerHouse Arena last night, cheers Q & Kuniko.
Putting Apt. back together after repainting the other week, another painter came back to fix something in bathroom Wed., claiming they would 'repaint the whole bathroom' .
Staples white boxes stacked up, passageways made and moved as needed ...

Tonight the new Mark C -Alice Cohen - Rami - SA unit (as yet unnamed) gets together - first time with all 4 members.
First show looking to be @ Backdoor Oct inside Rehab on Ave. B

DCC up to Studio the 19th & 20th to try finishing tracking the new album, DCC's got 11 new cuts just about ready to pop !

Dystopians to begin sessions making musik for Alien live score next time @ Monkeytown Oct.30 and Mastering tunes for iTunes release through Rec

Ditto new Dominatrix, Mastering and cover for iTunes release through Rec

NowThenAfter SurroundSound DVD 'downtown electronic ' collection for Harvestworks by Oct.

Ike Yard mixing Oshima Cassette for Soul Jazz
and meeting again very soon to discuss tracks for new album release 2009 offer from Phisteric ( Denmark indie )

The Voodooists Mastering for iTunes release
black rain to follow ...

Meeting with Nomi Mon. to discuss her 'next'
Setting about work to get Seed Fund App into city before end of month
Finalizing mid Nov date @ Santa's downtown with DCC /possibly IK - Liquid Liquid unit + with Johnathan Night Train
To begin thinking about venues for possible Christoph de Babylon live for 2009


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