Saturday, November 17, 2007

More musik

And so there was more programming, a virtual orgy of it, to be continued after I get off writing this >

This comes after doing the DCC, Voodooists and Dystopians Studio work the other wkend,
then the prep and execution of Ike Yard live @ Vassar-
a few days rest and the inspiration to make more music came rushing back.
Experimentalism in patterns that are built up as a rushing layer on the left with another similar sound on the right
( Beyonders for IY ) ,
a second piece that feels related to the Tokyoscapes glimpsed during Oshima Cassette
seems to revel in it's smoothed sense of urban speedkinglingoism ( Citiesglitter )

Checking out Dystopians track previously known as 'Dystopians Waltz' earlier ,
took out all the old kick drums and leave it only tom toms and a few Granulated Synths
and call it Mona, Modig and Manig ( yes, a Druids thing)
Then started a new one - Electriss dreams set many thousands of years back in Hyperborean time ,
after the old Gods were defeated by Zeus and had retired to the far North.
A bit faster then Self Licking Ice Cream Cone and Overlook committees ,
the sounds chosen and patterns here are a slo - mid tempo building tone poem soundscape with words
translated from ancient song


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