Monday, October 22, 2007


Warm days and nights again
clear sun and clouds today,
sharp colors of a rainbow halo out there now
Rehearsals for Ike Yard 10/26 , programming for Ike Yard and DCC ,
session last week with Judy Nylon for upcoming release
Running a bit from thing to thing ...
Video clips from NHK pet show about Japanese who have these tiny fox dog creatures ,
shots of the little fox darting around on a lease
Barefoot Gen was on last night, a hard look at the horrendous death and aftermath of the atomic blast on Hiroshima
A walking tour of Odessa was on Mon., stray cats gathering to be fed on an old plaza
Bhutto motorcade blast , Phillipines bombing, smuggled footage of monks being beaten in Myanmar

missed Vex'd @ Love Sat. ,
will probably miss the band Hisham has put together for Damo Suzuki's show @ Monkeytown Tue's ( probably sold out)
Soul Jazz sent us Brazil 70, the after- Tropicalia music collection which we have been playing and playing,
also the Box Of Dub with Kode 9 and DM

DCC got a pretty cool review for the new 7" on Dusted

Or for a shortcut, here's the text content:

Death Comet Crew
“One on Ones” b/w “The Taking of Pelham DCC” 7”
Bangin' new tracks from DCC, who have elected to go this one alone. Ominous synths and guitars lurk and snarl beneath a barrage of breaks and scratchin' on “One on Ones,” while whispered vocals slip past in the night. “Pelham” applies a slower break and a somewhat Mo'Wax style crime/jazz/trip hop approach, which works out less NYC than the A-side but more urban in general. It's a brisk return to form from some folks who have put in overtime and rarely got their due.

The DCC 7" is available through OtherMusic or from the group


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