Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ike yard cont.

Aaah yes. New computer

Ike yard music keeps evolving
The tunes, songs, instrumentals , pieces are flowing as we just finished mixing a new version of Shiva virus to DAT.
To be cont.

Went through the Ike Yard set today with Ken's projections
Multi beats shifting song forms on soundscapes
Break it down , pack it up
Ithaca , we are coming ...

Set list
M Kurtz
How you fake
Oshima cassette
Robot steppes
Shiva virus

- worked well 4/20 @ Lost Dog Lounge Ithaca NY and so we will do again @ Monkeytown
We have pieces more like soundtracks like say , Traffikers and Robot steppes and
there are also the song forms like 3 , How You fake, Mirai, Oshima and Shimmer.
Some other song- pieces now share the hyper and dense programming in song forms.
we also continue evolving our live set up with a round of purchases before the Ithaca show.
This music feels good for now


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