Thursday, December 14, 2006


New ike yard music Traffikers, elysians, odaiba cassette + untitled pieces

10 years after Diana's death the London Police report comes out
Another London ripper ?
God on your i Pod

the helicopters buzz back and forth
fading glow from the sunset last night
pink sky turning to blue
low wave of clouds shades of purple undersides
through the low fog yellow sodium lamps came on in the distance

Went through all the perc programmed so far for Traffikers today, changed many of the sounds previously chosen, just swept through the whole thing smoothing it out, refining it back from club music, dance sounds

golden glow across the sky , window reflecting bright yellow gold molten vibrating

group of small pink clouds blue on the bottom
with what looks like blue cloudburst trailing under them
in front of a huge looming bank of gray cloudmass
black gray brown citymass on the skyline through fogscreen
The rows and rows of rooftops go darkened across downtown
Someone somewhere in town running across rooftops

Up late poring over maps of the Arctic circle


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