Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Nuits Blanche Amiens

After cking the Nuit Blanche info on the website , it appears that while DCC ,
T.Raumschmiere Schneider TM Gavin & Delia Water Lilly Apparat Pixeltan
My Robot Friend Fancy Plasticines 3-1 Tepr Kunt and Motocross among others will be performing on Thurs night in Amiens , France.
No mention of James Chance or Liquid Liquid ...

Paris of course has their own White Night festivities the same night,
last year we happened to be there , there was alot of people out on the streets that night after our gig at Casino Nouveau.Wish we'd made it into the party at the former Communists HdQtr's , but the long line of partygoers in black led some of our party to push forward and go to another party , but all good that night.


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