Monday, May 08, 2006

Death Comet Crew with The Rammellzee on Meteosound - Shitkatapult

Just put on Let It Bleed

24 has 3 hours left , moon is out

preparing to go upstate to Paul's Studio again Wed. to work on more new DCC Album tracks and Dystopians demo

* Death Comet Crew with The Rammellzee Drag Racing on
Berlin's Meteosound-Shitkatapult 12" in July
Summer Rockin
Stomping Gothic Futurism Rider ...

Have started the liner notes for the New York Noise 3 release on Soul Jazz ,
just about got all the tracks in.
I have all these datebook diaries from between 1978 - 1984
so i have entries for every day & night of that period
All the shows all those nights
how many I'd like to know myself


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