Saturday, March 04, 2006


7 AM
deep asleep until outside the crow pack agitated cawing
so loud they must upset about something - usually the hawk ...
Sure enough , looking out the window can see the hawk on a limb getting divebombed by the mad circling crows .
Then they all fly into the space by the building entrance and getting even louder.
i got up , got dressed and went down
but by the time i got out on ground level the crows had dispersed and flown off into the trees on the Oval , all was quiet .
One man coming around the Oval track , hardly anyone out yet ...
'Ok,no hawk i thought and went back towards my place
Looking up at a tree in front of the other building there was a nest falling out of the tree and as I started around the corner of the hedge
I stopped because there was the hawk standing on it's prey under the tree ,
suddenly looking quite large and steely cold ...


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