Saturday, February 18, 2006


Took another bus trip upstate to Delhi NY Wed. for Studio with Paul Geluso
to finish tracks for DCC's new Ep .
Sessions went v well and now Drag racing ,
Czar of the Magyars (formerly Funky Dream Four) and deepSpacewoman are complete.
With all the new plug-ins , new operating System , Reason 3.0 and ProTools 24 bit HD system , we get better and better results in the Studio.

As we took a break to eat an early dinner up the hill we could see a pair of deer running up and down the dirt road that winds through the woods behind Paul's house.

On the ride back I saw a ruined house looking like it was blown apart from the inside,
a black and white cat crossing a country road outside Tinkers Village
and in an orchard of bare trees outside Harriman , a white chested hawk perched on a branch watching and waiting .

Snow piled up in drifts outside NYC
mountains in bright sunshine
wind sweeping across the road


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