Saturday, December 03, 2005

New Urge crystal

A good week
PBS had a nice Shangri La program , a bit trad but satisfying since they did actually get to where they wanted to go ...
Pretty crazy episode of Nip Tuck this week , caught up with Lost
It looks to be a satisfying years-end right in time to celebrate .
Two deals for two upcoming CD's came to terms by Friday ,
and so am looking at final addition to upcoming 'no wave proto electro' Comp. to be released as "New York Noise 3" on Soul Jazz in 2006.
Found many various old but still useful New York Times articles while going through closet listening to Dubstep & hyper dub mixes ,
Bowie's Diamond Dogs 30th Anniversary 2CD Edition ,
Keith Jarrett's "Koln Concert" in the morning
Strolling the Christmas market inside Bryant Park with Aunt's Elsie and Bonnie ,
all kinds of things for sale jewelry , flexible heat pads things, Rocksoap
Noyuri chose Central Cafe for a couple drinks , nice place good service
before the crowds and before they had to catch the bus back to Delaware

Innis mode :
Table top robot tournament in Tokyo
TV forum on young Japanese who never leave home and never get jobs
China tries to vaccinate it's birds to prevent bird flu's spread
New Urge crystal , new drug imported into Japan from Asia
Machines & humans - cyborg living .
Footage of the American man who turns off his device for 5 minutes during which the poor guy just goes to pieces , can barely talk after a few minutes until he manages to turn himself back on and is 'ok' again .
The recent disrediting of the S Korean clone doctor and the uproar after ,
what's behind it all
cloned dogs on magazine covers at the supermarket ...


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