Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Thought it was a clean and clear victory with last night's Dover Penn. vote to oust every School Board member who had wanted so called 'Intelligent Design' - 'Creationism' statements included in teaching there .
All the Repug members were ousted with the loudest receiving the least votes ...

But no , news comes that in Kansas' they voted 6-4 the other way.
Same characters who in 1999 deleted most references to Evolution in their Science Standards , overturned in 2001.
This time the Board also rewrote the definition of 'Science'.
Bush 2 , genius that he of course believes the rubbish and surely his kind
(some % who also seem to believe it) will keep pushing this while they can.

No reports yet of L Ron Hubbard's crew getting their own cents in their too
for a trifecta Rodan of My God (only), My State Of Clear and some redefined Science too

'Monkey do' alright . Silly doings out there folks .
Oh wait , Rev Pat Robertson has weighed in claiming the Dover's citizens will be struck down by god for they have forsaken god .
Well, we're waiting and Fox TV has cameras set up


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