Thursday, October 13, 2005

New York Neukoln Antwerp

Some jet lag from Europe trip wore off days ago but some lingers through these dark mornings.
Have been enjoying just being back in my apartment , only going out for shopping ,
all unpacked by now and gone through many things , working updating projects news , files and working on new projects that didn't exist on the to do list before leaving to Europe. Recent weather reminds us of Belgium when we left there one week ago
Here it's been 5-6 days of rain now over 10 inches of rain a record
Gray waves of low storm clouds sound of waves of rain sheeting down ,
more and more water for hours pouring down a car horn is rare phone quiet
just rain on leaves and against windows
Yesterday looking out a window as a flock of birds came out of the clouds
i can see it raining into Brooklyn , across lower Manhattan
by today it seems to be breaking up a bit

Footage of Amsterdam streets on NHK today brought it back that we were just there not so long ago ,
a Mongolian tale on Travel Channel ,
research on Genoa and Baffin Island

Listening . Bowie's Low : Art Decade , Weeping Wall , Subterraneans


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