Saturday, June 12, 2004

new releases

DCC "This Is Riphop" , the Death Comet Crew's rerelease Album
is out now in stores , on Troubleman Unlimited .
Sizzling live at The Pyramid Club 1984 ,
The complete 1984 Death Comet Crew Beggars Banquet UK only release "At The Marble Bar" EP
Original soundtracks for the great director Nicholas Roeg's "Insignificance"
and a hidden jazzhop rip track after 30 sec.
DCC will prolly do some gigs coming up , if we can keep it all together

"30 Seconds Over DC" DC punk /new wave Comp. 1978 with a song by my first group , The Rudements
appears to be out by now as well on the new label from Henry Rollins and Ian Mackaye (Dischord , Fugazi) called District Line
I used to have a copy of this . original was red vinyl . That whole period was alot of fun .
Having a group while we were stll in High School was a blast

"The Bi-Conicals Of The Rammellzee" Album has gotten so many great Reviews in Europe, Germany , UK , Russia ,Iceland
Singapore, Japan .
We shot a video interview for German/French TV show "Arte" the other week and so that will be airing on Arte's "Tracks"
, did the Ramm Vs SA / cross interview for Paris's 'Famous mag piece . This was such a good interview I will post some of it here ,
we got into the Mudd Club nights , the Roxy , Negril . We paid respects to many old friends , Rock Steady Crew , George Condo , DJ High Priest

next up is the "nowave protoelectro" NYC 1979 -1984 EP & Album .
All of the very best unrereleased no wave groups and choice cuts

* More Rereleases : The Voodooists , Sdtks 1983 -2003 , black rain 1 & 2 and more
* neu Dom . The new Dominatrix 12" is coming together nicely , after years of being almost ready to make the call , I finally hooked up with the excellent photographer artist who's works are so there in terms of expressing Dominatrix.
It will be a pleasure to have his work as the cover of the new 12" .
More info to come as it gets closer
* Stand Or Fall Ent. We will be doing the 2 new tracks with MC Kukoo next month we'll rip those out in time to be on Kukoo's up coming Album ... if ya liked the DCC & "Jamin Zabar" beats , you'll like this new generation of hiphop

* and more is coming together as i speak


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