Monday, May 28, 2007

worlds within / happening worlds

Alchemies of violence
prolonged cyber attaques on Estonian Gov from mysterious sources both inside and outside the country
shaped charges
new guns that bend to see around corners for an enemy
portable, packable mini drones
the single red eye that sees then kills you

Human tales ' Freedom , then glory and when that fails -
wealth, vice , corruption - barbarism at last...'
August 9, 378, near Adrianople / The Battle That Led to the Fall of the Roman Empire
Are We Rome ?

Beheadings in Kenya suspected of being carried out by a 'quasi religious group caled the Mungiki,
followers of the Mau Mau way , described as snuff taking dreads who champion such old traditions as female genital cutting and oath taking'
Seoul suicide journals
x - KGB' poisoned by Andrei K Lugovoi ?
bombings in Ankara
A plot to blow up jet fuel tanks out @ JFK
Mr. Cool Junior, Dr.Cool, Clean Rite, Oralmax Extreme, ShiR freshmint brands of toothpaste contaminated by glycol via Chinese business rip off. Next day China issues a statement saying the paste is safe
They now found a brand being carried at a Dollarplus store in Miami ...

Imperial life in the Emerald City
Night train to Bucharest
Goods traded in the grey-black market Odessa
Another hot night in gritty Chongqing, down in the old neighborhood the few residents left are getting letters on their doors
in the near distance skyscrapers surrounded by bamboo scaffoldings are going up

'An empire lasts as long as it's subjects rejoice in it'
fixers flatterers and bureaucrats who clung to power
the curiosi , NSA, CIA, Mafiapulco
Hitchen's God Is Not Great
How Religion Poisons Everything
Ryu Murakami's Piercings
Kawashima Masayuki
Coin Locker Babies
A dagger and the diamond shaped patterns on a paintstore wall

China's former Food & Drug admin hd sentenced to death after mounting media attention on the contaminated toothpste and glycol being sold to Panama
Japanese pol commits suicide days before questioning

'An alternative -reality third world Britain' - America or Paris
Blackwaters, Iran, Iraq ,
patrolling Nuristan Province by armored personal carrier
eco frictions, whales back to the ocean
the trailer for Control by Anton Corbin
worlds time space
before the light went out


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