Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Yangtze Delta 'chemical country'

Counterfiet glycerin and the selling of poisoned medicine as legitimate product(s) from China kills dozens
in China and Panama
Chinese Melamine also found to be used in fish farms, where exactly ?
A bacteria being found in Iraq bomb blasts called Acinetobactor
"28 Days Later" opens
Word from London that Isabella Blow drank Paraquat
One watches, observes the happening world and news
with all it's bad dealings, bad vibe ideas spreading bacteria and war into another phase
of actions -reactions global change - trade > blowback.

Species moving North gardens changing, different insects, birds, reptiles coming in
weather changing - 'global' plus and minus
(reminded of a postcard from S Carolina 'Send the kudzu North' )

But today there is a nIce spring green smell in the breze
Steamy warm, trees totally bloomed out couples out on the Oval and Central Park
inside our complex things seem quiet, calm
except for incessant street vacuum whirring up
then down the walks


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