Monday, May 21, 2007

Festival Nuits Sonores

Ike Yard just got back from Sonores in Lyon over last week through the weekend.
We had great weather the last three days and enjoyed a choice range of work by artists like JG Thirlwell , Mark Cunningham,
FM Einheit from Einsturzende Neubauten, Tony Conrad, The Psychic Paramount and DJ's Gregor Asch aka Olive, ShitRobot,
DJ Kentaro electrotechno action Matthew Dear aka Audion, Tiefschwarz, Sascha's Apparat, Damien Lazarus, Joakim and Data.
Ellen Allien hit the decks at 3 AM Friday night and the already packed crowd at Subsistance's Verriere surged forward ...

We met all kinds of people, did some radio and TV interviews and we treated warmly by everyone
especially by the promoter Violaine Didier @ Arty Farty , so big thanks to her and everyone over there !

Ran around for days from the two ancient Roman amphitheatre ruins and Fourviere's white and gold 'elephant' above the city
down through Rose garden to Le Vieux Lyon, late lunch at an outdoor cafe creperie
Traboules St Jean over to the edge of St Georges

To Terreaux past the dry fountain almost every daily to Sonores hdq at one end of the large square for directions to the Silk mix or an English language Festival guide.
Saturday Metro up to Croix-Rousse for a nice salmon and mussell fresh pasta lunch
and back on down the hill to another Sonores event overlooking the town,
a green park with couples talking in the grass and
finally, a big black tomcat laying out in the sun the middle of a red clay centered small Roman amphitheatre.
That night ater we left the church where the Christian Marclay movie had played and walked to the Saone river,
We went down to the river's edge where it flowed swiftly silently glassy smooth around the bend ,
washing up slightly onto the quay
The bright techno lighting from the Subsistance was thrown up onto the buildings high up the hill in front of it,
sound of fresh electro being scratched in the near distance ..


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