Monday, May 14, 2007

My Tulpa

Walking across Union Square today I saw a Buddhist monk almost to the corner and heading the same way
"Namaste" I greeted the dark red burned Tibetan and he smiled , we went West together as he was heading to the
Tibet House. I engaged him in conversation about the Dalai Lama's current state, that of the Tibetan people in Tibet.
I mention the TV program I saw on AZN TV yesterday about the proliferation of tulku's in Bhutan kingdom,
wherein was the story of families who believe their boys are reincarnations of spiritual masters.
These days though a few too many families are claiming such things and there are multiple candidates for some masters passing through Bardo ...

Free Tibet ! what is left of it.
The actual landspace and country and what's left 'free' in the people's minds

Out on the Oval after six PM at one point the slanting late afternoon sun was shining through multiple layers of fluffy green,
and in those beams you could see the air was full of tiny particles, pollen or bits of little flowers thick with it all.
A couple pieces came to stick in my eyes
A blurred shape flys by
The hawk appears and flies up against a tree close by with a flapping of wings,
flying up and over the green to light in a favorite tree for a look around ,
then off to another tree
The sun has gone behind the buildings
The air is sweet


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