Saturday, May 05, 2007

St.Jean's Traboules

Anticipating time spent exploring these old Lyonese Silk makers structures and passageways
then seeing all these great photos, traveller's accounts and reading that some end in
hanging gardens, spiral staircases and tiny courtyards

Ike yard is in Lyon for a few days around the Festival Nuits Sonores so we have a great chance to look around
Vieux Lyon, Pentes des Croix-Rousse, cours des Voraces, rue Leynaud during some days and nights there
a 5 block long passageway between 54 , rue St.Jean - 2, rue du Boeuf sounds promising enough

Again looking ahead in 10 days begins another travel package start to finish
Re packing, early morning arrival, money changing time difference jet lag /
Rest, soundcheck, dinner, gig, afterparty / second long BBC, CNN, local news, cartoons,anime movies blips by controller
Sleep eurobreakfast old town, bookstores, lunch sunsets Metro cab bk to hotel
Figuring out when, where to eat
Adjusting again to being home from Europe after the 20th, luxuriate in it usually
and onto what's next for rest of May
(Harvestworks Board meeting , next Studio /sessions for IY/DCC/ edging into first Dys)

No doubt we'll be walking around town until tired on days off after the concert
it could be interesting to try recording something inside one of these passageways ,
up through a multi floor traboule that lies behind a door code ...
Set up the DAT and the camcoder ...


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