Saturday, November 18, 2006

Chelsea afternoon

Yesterday became a full day of catching up on Chelsea area and attending the Art Book Fair put on by Printed Matter.
Out of the L train @ 8th Ave. and up to 16th St.,once past big trucks and ongoing contstruction , beyond the High line the Frank Gehry designed IAC building billows up the skyline.
An amazing looking building , futuristic almost translucent changing colors in the setting sun, it set a tone for the rest of the day.
Walking by the Bellweather Gallery 143 10th Avenue, I see the Black World show by Trevor Paglen is on.
The press one pager is fun-a missive from the 'CIA Office of The Director' completer with blacked out portions.
The show sounded good in the Voice review but have to say, a bit of a let down
(which picture was the black plane, the prototype glimpsed from long zoom ?)
though I could enjoy the effort behind it and the video screen lineup in the back room.
Back outside we are looking at the work on the High line when seemingly out of nowhere, two black 'wart hog' attack planes come screaming above the highest buildings ...


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