Tuesday, October 17, 2006

NYC 1977 -1984 musik people

On release of New York Noise 3.
This one has alot to enjoy , some things you didn't hear before
Happy to hear Boris Policeband again ,
probably the first time for many people to catch his work.
Having IMPLOG , Dark Day , IY and Rev all together just sounds good and right for that period,
the Snatch track is special , has a 'time'a production time space all it's own
Jailhouse Rock remastered a bit and hearing new things in the production there
Ut had been in mind for the longest time , Ulmer's TV Blues kept coming back to me
and everyone beared with as it came into being at Soul Jazz

None of these groups had press agents , mostly did what they had to do themselves
(the posters, putting them up, hustling gigs, making dubs and so on)
The feeling of the city then when groups sometimes started but didn't last ,
some people did all kinds of stuff simultanously just to survive
frantic to get something together ...
Alot of those people are gone now and cities change but in this eclectic group you find some forms of that energy of the city then.
The collection here highlights groups of No wave / post No wave musicmakers like Donny Christensen , Robin Crutchfield , Boris , Marty Rev who had gotten ahold of electronic instruments and who all knew each other from such a close and short lived scene. The rougher stuff like Boris P never got a further production to develope,
IMPLOG only existing because Donny wanted it too , glad we could have 2 IMPLOG cuts
SNATCH pieces teased and willed into being out of tape bits and tracks.
Thanks to Judy , Jacqui for liners , Robert for the art and thanks to Soul Jazz


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