Sunday, November 12, 2006

Downtown 2006

An increasingly rare shopping excursion downtown today for a few hours, we tried to beat the rain which did catch us right outside Robinson bookstore in Noho we timed it right to nip inside where I grazed through the new book by Miles Davis' son,
found on a rack the series of postcards that includes a mid 90's photo of your truly walking on E 3rd St. and read through the feature on Viet Nam in Fader.
At the new Patricia Field shop on Bowery one gets friendly 'hellos' as the attractive shop woman tucked into tight black bustier greets you as you walk into the store - quite a difference from the indifference or attitude from gay boys we were used to get at her other previous shops.
A grinding death-y dark tune is playing while we cruise through,
the single male shopworker sighs as a pitchchanged growl revs up chorus as he passes.
Downstairs they are playing Marilyn Manson, the woman with yellow hair greets and the clothes look well, pretty punking good for a change (the shop IS not far from the site of ol' CBGB's).
Back upstairs as we leave, shop talk overheard among the workers goes like this-
'I don't want to hear any more Mary Jane Blige', 'not today' i interject and they laugh 'no more Beyonce' one woman continues ,'definitely no more Beyonce' I add going out the door.
Strolling below Houston now, in front of A Detacher the shop person is outside on her cell trying to talk a delivery man in to her location but he's down the street in the wrong building.
He exits a building as we pass and we point him 'back that way' as the shopkeeper waves at him trying to get his attention.
There is still a crowd outside that cafe close to the corner of Prince St.
Uniqlo is crowded and doing great business despite the downpour.
It's almost comforting to see at at the door they want you to put your wet umbrella into long plastic tube, just like in Japan.
The line of about 2 dozen $15 custom artist made T's are lined up the wall, some have small Transformer type toys in bag.
I already have quite a few of their shirts, the Mongolian Airlines hoodie, various pants and shorts, so at first I am glazing over the T's a bit.
This store is big, total space larger then the Tokyo Shops I had been in previously
and about half the customers today are Chinese (Canal St. being just a few blocks away) mixed with a sprinkling of hipsters, dollop of European tourists and white people. The Chinese are using their elbows and throwing their weight around.
Have been loving Uniqlo since Tokyo and we have outfitted Japan wardrobe twice now either by buying online before the trip and picking up the clothes ,
augmented by at least a trip or 2 into the shops to see if there is anything new besides what's online in there.
Then buy another suitcase for trip home.
Walk out with 2 T's and a cool charcoal gray hoodie, total $65 after using $15 worth of Uniqlo coupon.
Further down in Soho we go to KIKI DE MONTPARNASSE, a new upscale lingerie and uh, sexy lifestyle boutique. Terrific swanky atmosphere, mood lighting, dark corners.
What's that cool song on the shop mixtape ?, shopladies in black outfits and extra revealing black outfits smiling ...
Sign up for future events, dinners and who knows what else.
Final stop Soho Sunrise Mart for veggies, MaBaDo and ground meat, cute plastic bound bulging fat tuna sandwichs in basket across from the counter and J Pop in the air.
I came out the front door, holding it open behind me and turning around , I am looking directly at Naomi Watts in a tan silverish vest with fur lined hood up smiling brilliantly.


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