Thursday, October 19, 2006

White sun structures

Wake up from series of dreams that got into a few dark Underworld scenes,
African women doing somethings in opulant Apt. with shades drawn,
dead and undead living among us; left with details from faces , surfaces , furniture.

Outside, white sun and a faint chalky taste in the air as construction continues below on the Loop Road

Grazing the Times online this AM;
Well done audiovid piece on Keith Jarrett's recent NY concert improv's
with samples and comments on his notes , went well with the morning here.
The words he used in describing the pieces he intends to improvise , how he saw the audience and the music bits themselves were all useful , timely and free

Also enjoyed piece on IM Pei's new Chinese building ,
his comment that his wife would like this one to be his last building reminded me of her; I used to get dropped off at Sutton Place one day a week bk during the early '80's summer's when I worked for landscaping Co. on LES in order to take care of the grounds there, a large (by NYC standards) back lawn that swept down to above the River's edge, just South of the Triboro Bridge and right along the flightpath of the small plane that crashed into the building at 72nd the other day.
IM Pei lived in one of the Apt's that opened out onto the lawn and although he never seemed to be home , his wife was very sweet and would bring me out her great iced tea on a tray and leave the pitcher there.
All in all , I do hope he does do another building , but I get her point.

This jetlag has passed , last night I was able to stay up through afternoon and past midnight , no problem , not so out of it.
What did I do ? oh the usual stuff i always want to avoid when I'm still in a post travel mood bubble - watch too much TV , for too long at a stretch , flipping channels.
But Lost was good last night.

Have been buffering the bubble in past week by listening to alot of music i'm into this moment, Cluster's Sowisoso (Hollywood and Sowiesoso are just soo good) , Harmonia, Tangerine Dream various , Popol Vuh in den garten pharoahs , Ash Ra Tempel again.
They definitely help keep my attention on more abstract things and feelings ,
good for working on computer and can be BMG or intensely detailed listening.
The listening trains the brain and provides a kind of neutral neural whiteboard for works to come as Ike Yard will be getting together for sessions in next months.
Defining both what I want to do and what i do not want to do ...
Anything to keep me out of the day to day.


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