Tuesday, November 14, 2006

2000 -2006 Releases

Death Comet Crew Ike Yard Dominatrix < > NYC Berlin Tokyo London

Anti NY 2000 /2001 US on Gomma Munich. w/DCC's Exterior St. & Ike Yard's NCR

LCD Soundsystem Beat Connection Remix 2002 Unreleased

Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight 2003 Rerelease on Gigolo Berlin. w/Black Strobe remix

Bi-Conicals Of The Rammellzee 2003 on Gomma. w/DCC , Beat Bop 2, Jamin Zabar

DCC America Ep/12"2003 on Tmu US. w/America Live from Pyramid Club, Interior St.

DCC This is Riphop CD Album 2004 on Tmu. w/Beggars Banquet '84 Ep , hidden cut

Tussle Don't Stop Remix 2004 on Tmu.

DCC This Is Riphop Japanese release on Delic Records,Tokyo. w/Quicktime of live'84

DCC Riphop remixes on Delic Records. w/Kan Takagi, Latin Ras Kaz, Pajama Boys

DCC Drag Racing 2006 on VA Meteosound Berlin From The Powerhouse 12"

Ike Yard 1981-'82 Collected 2006 on Acute Records. w/1982 LP on Factory Records plus

11. New York Noise 3 2006 on Soul Jazz Records ...

And the story continues ...


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