Monday, October 16, 2006

New York Noise 3 !

Well, we got Trevor Jackson's label gone down ,
CBGB's closed it's doors ,
VH 1's 'Hiphop Honors' with Afrika Bambaataa , Rakim and ...
Russell Simmons , hosted by Ice T
and New York Noise 3 out today ...

And already a great Review on boomkat
As often happens with my name , there's a mistake there ,
No it's not 'Algabright' , 'Augabright' as per Rammellzee (or 'Arbright' as I used to shorten it) it's just Argabright.
I am bit surprised it seems "The City That Never Sleeps" opens the Album,
I had it down as the Album closer ...
But well chuffed Soul Jazz got it out this soon and now it's getting out there .
Enjoy , and thank you to all the artists.


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