Monday, October 24, 2005

Rainbow bridge

Excellent Times article on Arctic last week
have been looking into going hiking in Auyuitttuq , Baffin Island
Mt. Asgard is there ...

Studio trip . We came to the Reservoir and drove along one side of it up to Delhi NY , we can see the waterline is lower then before , the treeline now well back from the new shoreline
Light brown purpleish rock beach formations emerging from the reservoir
the water line getting lower and lower
Many creeks , streams little flows ran into the reservoir across the open beaches
primal wide open areas clouds in fog
Dark rain clouds with only one or two open sunny areas

As we drove back down to NYC from top of a hill , off in the distance I could see
not more rain but white like it was snowing there ,
along the way we saw snow on top some cars and a bit along the sides of the backroads

Studio had gone well and all was nice Sunday on the way back down .
We stopped in Harriman State Park and went down to a big lake

Back on the highway suddenly a mid sized dog ran onto the highway ,
it stopped for a moment , still looking to cross - at great peril
we passed on but didn't hear anybody screeching tires or crashing behind us .
I hope the poor dog made it

In late afternoon bright sun we cross the George Washington Bridge ,
the city was still there , traffic thickened and a few songs later we were back in the garage by 6:30


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