Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Nuclear transfer product

70 F for another day . Nice !
Little bit strange science news last night about stem cell research and creating 'nuclear transfer products' that will supply the cells .

In the new music news front - Greeting Cat and I will be doing another Pac Man themed Cd, this one will be an Ep with remixes of Pac Man Jam ,
a new track by engineer and Co Producer Paul Geluso (Sufan Stephens , Anthony and the Johnsons , Bi Conicals, DCC) and maybe a Pac Man kind of Christmas song .
I heard one of those NYC radio Christmas shows a few years ago and they did an all Moog Christmas set the DJ/MC was done in robot vox.
It made some of the classics sound like a DAF , Gorl or Conny Plank production and so I hope to bring a bit o that to this version .

The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight will be on (yet) another Compilation ,
this one to be called 'Electrodisco'(or so) out in Nov. on Koch in the US .

Judy Nylon has suggested inclusion of her version of Jailhouse Rock in the New York Noise 3 Compilation for Soul Jazz.
That will go well with the pic of her with Sid in the 25 years of CBGB's book as she used to take care of him when he was here and kind of lost , not many friends , 'cept druggie types.

And there are a couple of other releases underway that will have to mention soon enough

Since returning from Europe 10/6 , quite alot has already happened and we got to keep it all rolling ...

Saw a silly Editorial by 'Rush' Limbaugh (first one by him I'v ever rd , swear) about how the Repuglicans are not cracking up they're uh 'cracking down' .
Thanks for that 'Rush' we really DO believe you .
Filed next to latest images of Bush 2 and Cheney's lackey's trying to grin and bear it .
Worms , they had their time already


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