Sunday, September 11, 2005

Wind blows fresh over the island now

Happened to look downtown this evening as the twin beams were just coming on,
now they are there clean and bright .
Aaaah 9/11 . Saw only a few minutes of the TV coverage today before the emotion started welling up and I turned the channel .
Times editorials today on why nothing has happened since'and what governments have to learn since 2001

There is sigh of relief and rejoicing in Japan tonight as Koizumi's LDP rolled to all out victory in today's voting . High turnout , many young people voted this time TV said
South of Japan has been digging out of hurricane flood damage of their own , creeks turned into rivers , houses destroyed, landslides

'How the world seems to have turned' since 2001 is some the effect of GW Bush's bullshit , his administrations repetition of mistruths and general 'don't worry the public will forget about it soon enough' attitudes .
Georgie's bringing in of his parents and wife to scold us was a mistake and makes them all seem hateful and cuts to how out of touch they are .

If 9/11 was in some ways like Pearl Harbor was a one shot man made disaster that is hard to replicate , ok , but it's the long termers of Bin Laden's crew that should keep NSA, CIA ,FBI and Police all over the country awake at night.
But i feel many New Yorker's already factor in a small nuke or dirty bomb explosion into their likely near or mid future city scenarios .
Alot depends on which way the wind is blowing that day ...


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