Thursday, October 06, 2005

Amsterdam Ghent Toulouse Paris

Ghosting Amsterdam in ther rain before the gig
order soup , pancakes , Bulldogs
tromping through Dam Sq. ,
end up eating good Chinese lunch before we head bk to the Quentin Hotel
In the evening explore up and down the Red lights canals

The Ghent gig was interesting , fun in it's way . About 75 - 100 people i'd guess
The guy's doing the bar club Video came and picked us up and brought us to a small hotel on a quiet street we stayed at close to those tall old cathedrals we did our sound check , went to dinner and walked back through old medieval city .

We lagged behind the others taking video and digital photos
DJ High Priest opened us up with another sort consise mix of his beats like he always did during each show of this tour
St Micheals Bridge the Belfry
St. Baffskathedraal
St. Nicholas Church and St. Bavon Cathedrals

The Cartier Festival in Toulouse was radiant after a five hour fast train , city of red brick by the river at sunset . We did the soundcheck facing right into the hot sun , that night we heard 3000 people had been attracted to the festival ( Airborn Audio / Bi-Conicals Of The Rammellzee / Bug was on last and the crowd went nuts

Video shoot that night was handled by charismatic young woman who was interviewing everyone who finally swallows the camera to show us her tongue piercing .
The large crew and tech guys there made for THE unique lighting and sound show of the tour
In a sweep of security men the culture minister came late to the performance as we came off stage and we had to go back quick for an encore .
We did 2 encores , some improv stuff to start the first one after Ramm took his mask off and was in do rag and then right into When Hell Freezes Over by Kaos from the
Bi-Conicals Album

Nick and I evolved our end of our version of DCC's Exterior Street interplay into a great end piece /wrap with the Bladerunner synths are playing after the beats have stopped ...
Eventually the tide passed audience got quiet when soundman turned some other kind of music
As we tried to get the taxi the Fest. called for us , the security men swung into action again when the ministers were leaving the Fest.
in front of us the seemingly calm young cadets blocked traffic and stood at perimeter until after the motorcade pulled out into traffic

Paris show was also very good , a tighter range of colors lights strobe smoke ,
good fish , chicken breasts & frites dinner right in the club ( Nouveau Casino )
lots of ladies dancing upfront tonight , encores some more improv.
Time spent in area of shops the Marais ,
temporary shop down a side alley across from Muji
watery Niki de Saint Phalle sculptures by the Pompideau , loaded up on post cards
Vietnamese Thai lunch on way back to hotel
Then we did the show and the tour dates were over ...
We ended up going to a couple parties that night which was the White night in Paris when many places are open late .
there was a party in the old Communists Building but by the time we got there there was a super long line to get in but the people coming out looked good.
Next day we went to stay back to stay with friends who hipped us to the fantastic installation and soundscape at the Grand Palais , a large scale Ballardesque former World Fair structure but computer lit and with a surround sound system .
Very Bladerunner' soundtrack
Ramm and DJ High Priest checked out of the Cosmos Hotel and flew back on Mon. Oct.3


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