Saturday, October 08, 2005

Dogs help save big cats

Coming back to NYC and jumping with relief into a yellow taxi it was 70F warm and hot in the afternoon sun . Through haze and misty clouds the city appeared , the old big graveyard on the right , the one with the factory rising above it
The trees here have not turned yet and it's still warm .
Has been raining finally overnight and today , first 2 day rain since July I heard

Warning on NYC subway bombings maybe not so important as previously thought ?
Large Earthquake in Kashmir , another in Cali
North Pole ice has had accelerated melt levels for the last 5 years now

After rding the report of the bird flu by those top scientists ,
Yesterday a report of the Bird flu in Romania
Whn I was doing soundtracks for NY Times TV between 1997 -2000 we did a NY Science Times Program on the research into the old flu that killed so many people including otherwise healthy 25 - 35 year olds . The information in the show was chilling enough
then articles in the Europe newspapers about the bird flu spreading
made the coughing passengers around us seem less benign ...

India . 67 women held in death of 'Sorcerer' after a mob killed a barber suspected of practicing black magic . Dozens more women are being sought by the authorities .
The arrests came after a mob of about 150 women from the southern village of Muddireddypalli, in Andhra Pradesh , attacked the barber'shop , beating him and locking him inside before setting the building on fire , an official said .
The villagers suspected he was practicing black magic and held him responsible for the large number of deaths in the village in the last year ...

Islamic militants kill 5 soldiers in Thailand

New Orleans pets are still being rescued , dozens of dogs daily

Dogs help save cats . To help save big cats from killing and eating livestock in Africa , they brought in guard dogs for the sheep which the cheetahs avoided , thereby saving the cats from being killed by villagers irate over lost livestock


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