Sunday, October 16, 2005

Memories of green

Bright morning tasted like being out in the woods at the beginning of a hike .
I hear now it was 8 days of rain we had , today just sun and wind blowing some first browned leaves across the Oval green .
Rding The Sunday Times , burning CDR's for Europe and a bit of shopping .
Very easy ...

Images of Niigata rebuilding after their quake
Tokyo Auto Show , full of sleek concept cars with anime girls posed just so.
Cars with pet carriers built in , cars with rotating chassis so you are never 'backing in' , some futuristic shapes.
And not a whiff of gas crisis ...

Kashmir earthquake relief . the Pakistan soldiers make a show for the cameras , passing small boxes of aid along a line of smiling men , one at a time.
Better speed it up guys ...

Rove and Libby twisting in the DC wind . Poke 'em - maybe they are about done


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