Saturday, September 24, 2005

Bi-Conicals on Euro Tour

Well , to catch up a bit
We are currently on the Bi-Conicals Euro Tour , first gigs ever to support the Album For these dates it's The Rammellzee , DJ High Priest and me onstage
Noyuri is also with us and helping me and us to keep it together !
We arrived in Venice on the 19th . Very nice there , great weather
we missed a bad storm the day before and has bright intense sun almost the whole time, Peggy Guggenheim postcard perfect .
The Venice Bienalle was good - after all that paperwork
The unexpectedly long walk from the Arsenale station to the actual performance space was quite long .
Dunno if the Fest. operators who attended the show really dug what we were doing but Nick said he saw some toes tapping
Venice itself won us over, very nice hotel run by same family 200 years
We spent our time cruising the night city from Central Station to San Marco and peering down dark canals for a couple hours , gazing at old buildings
window shopping and sharing a TV drama in a shop to the point of tearing up,
lost the other lens cap while shooting digivid ...
The Peggy Guggenheim Museum was simply great and grand , what a collection ! ,
the Max Ernst paintings ( The Antipope ) simply blew me away

Milan on the 22nd was fun and grand , we arrived mid afternoon with just enough time to go fumble onto the subway and down to the Galleria which was just as it appeared in the guides huge and overwelming incredible
We found a great place and had a very good lunch some sparkling wine
just sitting and watching the Milanese milling through .
And it was a great night last night at Berlin's Kinzo show
, Bob did a nice job with choosing the space and the dinner he set up for us was waaay beyond the the call of duty the very nice people at the restaurant kept laying out more and more food and we had to get up and go the the gig
We got onstage by 1:30 AM and rocked , got home by 5 AM
Today we took some time for ourselves and just finished a nice Thai dinner in K'berg
and now sit at web intercafe , much cheaper then hotel internet
Next up is Amsterdam on 27th( but no gig)
Ghent 28th
Toulouse 30th
Paris Oct.1

We are doing a selection of Bi-Conicals tracks and 3 DCC tracks on this post Venice leg


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