Saturday, October 29, 2005

Crisp and cold

After looking around Stuyvesant Town for 45 minutes poor messenger did arrive with package from Venice .
A rather thick package it was too, they sent their press clippings , reviews and articles from the Bienalle.
Recent times in Venice and Europe came rushing back, fall into winter tide spilling into San Marco Square ...

Night we went up the Grand Canal to buy tickets to Milan and walked all the way back to San Marco Square .
Shop windows filled with little glass spiders and insects ,
Storefront display of bed linens and pillow cases printed with enlarged images of tabby cats , a glance inside one apartment reveals minimalist white space with one man sitting bent over in the center on his chair.
Coming out onto San Marco Square with hundreds of others milling around ,
digi camera shooting couples , now ubiquitous Chinese and Russian tourists and the cute robotic cats and dogs with glow eyes shambling and robo barks and meows as they tumbled for you .
Relief of getting out the airport with our intern guide Elania,
piling our stuff into the water taxi and heading to Belvedere Hotel on the Lido through the spray .
The first 10 minutes of fun in your new hotel room , checking out the sunny view out the window and getting ready to run back out to explore ...

Lunch in Milan , getting buzzed drinking at white table clothed table inside the Galleria .
Spanish restaurant by the elevated tracks in Kreuzberg, warm in the cool night.
Group of woman at next table have their big dog sleeping half under the table, don't think it ever raised it's head once .
Brief panning glimpse of one of those perfect jet black hair Berlin haarschnitts glossy on a boy on bike waiting at traffic light as we are driven in from Tegal.
Coming in out of the drizzle into Chinese restaurant smells in Amsterdam ,
happy to just sit down for awhile after running around for hours before .
The pungent smoke that hits you once inside a Bulldog's there ,
the smoke menu that lit up with a touch.

Last night down at the Drop Dead festival last night to catch Jesse & Bettina (from MALARIA!) but got their too late and only Nina Hagen was onstage mouthing something about 'this is music from the Himalayas' as super blue and black mohawks looked down from the balcony.
We are distracted by Nina's coughing , the moment past , we roll downstairs.
Someone comments on my Atari Teenage Riot shirt , we burst into another room another scene where bare chested band burns through a set of Misfits flavor psychobilly.

Now playing : Siouxsie And the Banshees . Through The Looking Glass
"Little Johnny Jewel"

Now outside the sun lights the leaves crisp and cold ,
a quiet time before the ghouls and assorteds come out all weekend ...
Layer on layer of clouds in blue sky , late afternoon sun beams onto the Empire Building it's glowing as shadows rise around town .
Suddenly a group of agitated crows fly into the trees around me
Big brown hawk settles onto a branch above for a moment before swooping off through the trees between buildings .
Yuppie comes down the path cellphone to ear gabbing ,
watching , waiting as he strolls under the branch where the hawk perches
A little sound comes from high in the trees
The day turns to darkness
Feeling evening fall around

Now playing : Roxy Music "A Song For Europe"


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