Sunday, August 07, 2005

Tokyo nights


Finally catching up !
Its been an amazing trip to Japan this time, with cool side trips, fireworks
and two great gigs in Osaka and Tokyo (600 people).

The first week I flew in with DCC superDJ High Priest and we proceeeded to have a ball, staying in Hiroo at artist friends Apt.
Its been ultra hot and humid - two t shirts a day and cold showers.
There was a wild green garden growing out back and a sweet white cat with ice blue eyes would come by to look in on us from time to time.
The air conditioner talked to us every time we clicked the temp down another notch.

The first wkend friends drove us up to Yamanashi Pref. and we camped out in a very nice campground right next to a light blue river that ran down from the mountains
Morning meditation was esp. sweet ...

We drove up and bk past Sagami lake and listened to Siousxie And The Banshees all the way back to Tokyo.


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