Wednesday, July 06, 2005

early July morning

Birds wheeling high through sky at dusk
seagulls , a big hawk , crows .
A Metro North train catches the setting sun
as it rounds the bend towards Hudson River
Fireflies seem to be coming up from the ground , dozens of them.
They are all along the path we are on and up into the hill side ,
greenish light flashing peaceful . More and more appear as it gets dark

Fireworks . We got chased off the roof . Everyone had to go down , in the elevator we heard the fireworks start, deep booming explosions we felt even in the elevator the whole way down .
we got out of the building and looming up above the city, light and shadow
of the fireworks play giant balls of sparks and patterns of stars , sparkling effects were going off high in the sky.
The high fire power bombarded citizens near and far , someone had a radio set to the fireworks channel . Long white streamers of smoke the eye follows down , down out of sight .


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