Tuesday, June 14, 2005

New musik

Coming up :

* All new DCC Ep (DragRacing /deepSpacewoman / Funky Dream Four / DR remix)

* the Public Domain songs EP (Yellow Rose Of Texas/In The Good Old Summertime)

* new Death Comet Crew Album . 2006

* new Dominatrix Ep . (You Never Forget Your First Dominatrix/nights x/Whip Hand)

* Rare & unreleased Dominatrix Ep . possible Japan release 2006

* new project , the sisters EP.(Neofolktale with Sean Young / Goddess awakes /
Tales from Black Castle)

* and new group the Dystopians is revving up it's synthetic rhythms and darker tones in anticipation in first group show and First Ep

* New Dominatrix Album underway .

* Soundtracks 1983 -2003 Collection . 1-2 CD Albums of selections from the best of my NYC Sdtks done here starting in the period after Ike Yard '82 .
(Wild Dead for Gretchen Bender '83 , also slections from the Dumping Core, Total Recall and 1991 Aggressive Witness electronic piece for Wexner Center /
For Robert Longo / William Gibson , Bruce Sterling texts / Cinque Lee Men's Bigi CM /
IBM Sdtks /unreleased music from the sessions for Gibson's Neuromancer Audio Book /original music for Johhny Mnemonic /
Sdtks for TV 1997- 2000 selection of Trauma: Life In The ER, Paramedics , NY Science Times ,Breaking News ,ESPN , Granada TV shows original music / ... / ...)


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