Tuesday, June 14, 2005


things have swung in a good way for some years now ...

* "The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight" 12" w/Black Strobe remix out fall 2003
on DJ Hell's Gigolo label ... which did nicely in Europe

* "America" EP CD & 12" Vinyl by DCC out 2003 on Troubleman >live from Pyramid Club 1984 plus remixes of "Exterior Street" from "At The Marble Bar"

* "This Is Riphop" Album CD & Vinyl by DCC out 2004 on Troubleman .
contains both live from Pyramid unreleased cuts plus the music from "At The Marble Bar" UK Only 12" Ep Beggars Banquet released in 2004 and the sdtks for Roeg's ""Insignificance" ( w/ Teresa Russell as M Monroe)

* "30 Seconds Over DC" , the 1978 DC punk post-punk Compilation put together by
Limp Records was finally rereleased through the efforts of Henry Rollins and Ian Mackaye's new subsid label District Line .
Among the offerings is the frst song i wrote for this first group we put together while still in high school , The Rudements .
Rehearsing in a basement studio we knocked together in bassist Bruce Blumberg's house iVienna N va. This rerelease came out in 2004

Next up : A Compilation

* With luck , the 'no wave proto electro' NYC 1979 -1984 Compilation I've been pulling together for a couple years now is looking more set to be released by UK's Soul Jazz in Jan. 2006 ...
That's got alot of great stuff that everybody who's into late 70's post punk no wave NYC should hear including two cuts by early electronic group Ike Yard NYC circa 1981 and '82

* The Voodooists EP & Album would be next . Voodooists were in action from 1988 through 1990 to 1992 when we were contracted to help do a LaserDisc for Japan market
one of the last things we did was go into East NY to shoot video at a voudou ceremony in a basement . All that stuff came out on the Warlock 12" Ep of 1992 ,
the WEA Int. 7" that had "Queen Of Voudou" from the "Married To The Mob" Sdtk on the B side and the 1992 LD called "Video Voudou" released by Ask Kodansha . Toshiba/EMI
Great stuff the Voodooists

* black rain . 1989 -'99 . From the early incarnation of this group
(Shin, Bones, Thom , Dave , me) to the end duo of Shin and I .
This group started adding members when I asked Dave if he would do this singing I'd been hearing him talk about ...
E Guitarist Shin was up for making another group - DCC having come to an end amicably , disbanded and unplugged by end of 1986 into 1987 .
We began setting up sessions looking for bassist , jammed with Legion .
Eventually we made the lineup of master Bones on bass & vocals , Shin on guitar ,
Thom Furtado on drums & metal perc , me on tape fx , vocals and metal perc .
which began recording our sessions at Toxic Shock Studios when they were on Broadway below Houston and did two self released cassette Ep's of new songs we wrote .
Later ,after Bones and Thom left to tour in '93 , in '94 black rain got commission to do the original music for William Gibson's "Neuromancer" and that was followed by being asked to do the Soundtrack music for the "Johnny Mnemonic" movie Longo was directing .
In 1995 black rain released the original Sdtk tracks for "Johnny" and alot of other tracks we did as the CD Album "1.0" on DC's Fifth Column Records.
In 1996 we released the followup CD Album "nanarchy" also on FCR ,
which included two tracks with The Rammellzee .
And finally in 1998 -'99 black rain worked up another 3 songs in Studio
towards what would have been a third CD Album (Triple Witching Days /Shells /Shrdlu)
And I can imagine the rerelease will have a couple best cuts from the live @
The Gas Station down in the LES when black rain played with GG Allin for the gig that turned out to be his last because he OD'ed and died later the same night .
Enough real good stuff to fill two CD Albums (br mach 1 & mach 2), will be looking for the music video's we did back then , photos ...


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