Friday, June 17, 2005


Can't help but notice
the series of earthquakes that started with the S Asian big quake just before Christmas is continuing .
And this is of course, a series that actually started thousands of years ago.
There have been four sizable earthquakes in California in the last couple days .
Last Sunday there was the 5.2 earthquake around Riverside .
Then the 7.2 quake Tue's that occured under the ocean 90 miles off the N Cali coast
Last night 11:30 PM 125 miles off Eureka a 6.6 aftershock went through the ocean floor
Followed by a 4.9 tremblor , this time East of LA

What's the pattern ?

As a watcher /follower of Japanese TV news I hear what goes on there from day to day,
in as much detail i as need or want on any given subject .
Not only were there powerful quakes in Niigata last year , but good sized quakes in many places in Japan, lately they have been in the South of Japan.
Just the other day PM Koizumi held big meeting on Tokyo's readiness for the expected big one there , the seemingly conservative number of people they estimated will die in that quake was 12,000 .
Anyone who has saw the Tokyo Earthquake special NHK aired a couple years ago got a potent glimpse of the ruined city, smoking , elevated highways down ,
a destroyed mess that could also be a flaming one , thanks to large chemical storage areas citizens call the poison necklace that almost completely surround Tokyo ...

So , having suspicions and needing more info seeking the real deal on this series of quakes i was digging through old NY Times and found again the Sept. 28, 1999 article in the Science Times titled
"Earthquakes: A Matter Of Luck, Most Of It Bad"
Major cities , major hazards

The big graphic map of the world and it's earthquake risk plainly shows that the plate that moved in that quake before Christmas '04 covers an area that includes the land to the South , around Indonesia and Malaysia then North where it comes to land in Japan's Tokyo area .
Another plate runs under South end of Japan goes to land in South of Tokyo
look a bit farther and you see that the first plate I mentioned then runs N from Japan across the Pacific through Alaska and down the coast all the way doan coast of Mexico all the way to the tip of S America , Patagonia.
My guess is some major pushing went on in S Asia that last big one and now plates are still settling, adjusting to it , also that one was possibly big enough to have activated a new cycle of movement .

And that's why Mt St. Helens has been venting for the last year both before and after the S Asia quake ...


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