Sunday, June 19, 2005

Imagination cities

Inspired by review of Imagined cities

The urban mirror
Artists discovering in the life of the city a mirroring or doubling of our own moods , attitudes and apprehensions . Acting on those feelings and creating something .
Lone artists in their Studios , members of an extended group of 10 musicians making music , awful rock bands rehearsing bad songs (reaffirmed after hearing some people doing a version of a Joy Division song in next room of rehearsal place we used) , artists longing to make the cut, endless wine of openings . Some corporate logo placed well in view 'My city'

A travel book on Venice , open to a double page aerial photo of the old city
Checking Shinkansen prices for sidetrip to Sendai
Googling Berlin eateries , connections from Antwerp to Koln.
Wishing one of my projects had gotten invited to Sonar ...

Gazing sometimes abstract out the windows at the other windows,
flicker of interest in what everyone else is doing
in their own worlds no doubt
Solo bubbles , couple bubbles

Someone's thinking of making music,
others listening to music
Galleries open
sidewalk cafes crowding your space
new Vietnamese sandwich shop
a Benefit for someone you don't know
won tickets to a movie
RSVP for another
book studio for next sessions
2 helicopters fell into East River in one week


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