Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Last night's set @ Apt.

Got bk home at 3:30AM after the night out at Apt. with sore throat from talking above the music. Feeling a bit wide from the Sapporos, popped an aspirin before bed.
It was a good night and the music was quite interesting, emotional for some.

We arrived at the club around 10:30 or so,
edging by some big film or video shoot's trucks totally packing the street outside the club.
Rows of clothes, costumes onboard washing machine and dryers visable through the windows. We hear from the doorman it's a Ciara video shoot.
Downstairs Scott Mou from OtherMusic was playing something hypnotic electronic -
Conrad Schnitzler's 'Green one' from his mid '70's color series of releases,
sounding quite modern, kind of tribal-mach rhythm with ethereal high synth pads floating, weaving in and out. Hmm nice start to hear something you don't know !
Scott then played a cut from the Monoton rerelease , also with clunk chunky bt
Aah, flowing into an Ike Yardian mode ...

The room filled up, Yukiko brought six friends, DJ Small Change and
Hisham (art & design, drummer with Pixeltan, x-Black Dice)and Michael Holman arrived hot off the train from DC as we got started. Cheers all

Along with Duane from OtherMusic and Dan Selzer from Acute Records,
DCC's DJ High Priest took to the turntables and let rip >

Apt. Set list

All night Party - A Certain Ratio
Ceremony (7" version) - New Order
Sea Creatures - IMPLOG
Shack Up - ACR
Memories - PIL
Tension - Killing Joke
India - The Psychedelic Furs
NCR - Ike Yard
Wer schon sein will, muss leiden /Suffer if you want to be beautiful - DAF
Riot In Lagos - R Sakamoto
The Quiet Men - Ultravox (w/John Foxx)
Dream Baby Dream - Suicide
Bostich - Yello
The City that never sleeps - Dominatrix
Numbers/Dentaku - Kraftwerk
Scratching Galaxies Dodeka Horn remix by Matsumoto - Death Comet Crew
Drag Racing - DCC
Cut It Up High Priest - High Priest & Michael Holman


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