Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Musik like painting

Last night was the first time most of Ike Yard got together and it was great ...
Everything plugged in, sound checks , trying some beats Close the windows and set some levels then sliding right into one improvisation after another
we would start recording upon hearing that we were into something good.
We now have 7 pieces over 52 minutes of DAT recording and the
great fresh memory of just doing it.
With us three all playing kyboards and bts coming from all
Kenneth's Jambox, Michael's programmed bts and music trks and my own Reason 2 beats & music, crossplay engaged in all directions as the music flowed from fingers to out the speakers SubBass sweeps , subBass kicks tonk piano castles parade
variations played through metallic strikes
while in the background a slower musik layer is going as well-
A seemingly 'instant' "NCR" feeling piece quickly turned into song from simply some bts & kys ('Ike Yard 3')
as Kenneth began to sing over what we were jamming on top of the new bts made the other night
Another one as remember as blossoming florid synth cloud -like formations
high in the sky, orchestral sounds plastic semi soft shapes peaking 'crescendoing'
in last night's version of Michael's 'insectoid' bed track
Smoother and calmer approach = deeper, sweeping "Traffikers" too.
Kenneth played some guitar and that nicely added another human element to what otherwise had become a smoother pulsing kyboard sound suggesting to me some
dramatic large scale outdoors city with myriad things going on within it sized piece not a song
One sound i programmed has something Central Asian suggested in it that led to looking more closely at locations such as Makhachkala Astrakhan Russia Baku Azerbaijan Odessa Plato Ustyurt so that as you first hear the music call ...
you can sense approaching something unseen up ahead above the river
The kick bts come in hi hat change and grow
Then you come around the bend and see suddenly there's this city in gold late afternoon light , little lights twinkling
Grooving towards the end of some pieces we ran through programs in the sound modules
the musik became a more auto - controlled mechanism feeling of 'casting' almost flicking trough many voices all the best ones mapped onto the main music being played in the moment
Sequences sometimes had music and fx in it or voices, we skip through them fast,
there was a whole extended quarter of one piece we ran it into a calm but frenetic in other ways stream of 'info musiks' the machines going back and forth between them
Each sound patch suggesting another tangent to go onto , a room to look out of in to

* To note: DCC's High Priest, Stuart Argabright & Michael Diekmann from DCC & Ike Yard will be at Apt. on the West side on next Tue's night (Dec.5)
with OtherMusic's Scott Mou and others for a 'Mudd Club' New York Noise'
inspired set after 11:30PM . Come on out, you'll hear something fresh


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