Saturday, September 30, 2006

J burger, fries and milk tea

On the flight over to Japan we watched Da Vinci Code and Mission Impossible 3
and on the way back it was X Men 3: Final Decision as it's known overseas and
Al Gore's eco movie was kind of impressive, presented it's case well and certainly helped wile away some more hours up in the plane
I noticed that there are just too many fashion adverts using Kate Moss at the moment
Time and Newsweek Asia were useful US based ref. points , good as they have been
McD's in Tokyo are superior in every way to the US version
from the ordering to quality the food itself there's a rather good shrimpburger currently available .
The bright white Mc'D's in Ebisu we split the party for a break last Sunday held promise of fresh air in the no smoker's area and we could chill there with a pair of smoking teens one with gray blond hair and eyeliner , others passing in and out
Becker's in Akihabara was not bad either their burger with a iced tea with milk
worked out nicely as we could Akiba people watch at the same time.
Buzz of layers of big neon , air conditioning and infrastructure outside
Almost all the other food we ate there was Japanese , Italian or Chinese and was all good to varying kinds of great including the katsu chain place we went to in Shibuya,
the Chinese noodle place up in huge shopping building and the one we found in Shinbashi with it's excellent hot Mabado on fluffy rice and a cold beer watching Matsui Japanese baseball news on TV on the wall behind us.
For some time during the trip i did effectively forgot the US , the run up to 9/11,
until I saw again on TV Bush going on about the CIA and torture issue
We heard from friends that some young people find London and NYC to expensive to actually live in these days and some have opted for cheaper Asian city like Bangkok Thailand , we heard people there were fine and almost happy after the coup
people also going to Viet Nam to spend time there
China and South Korea are in the Japanese news over then here ,
and the Shakey's in Tokyo was good solid comfort food
Tokyo's back side of the new Omotesando Hills with Ando's cool concrete shape
and story high Animation of shoppers walking up and down its length
and over Cat street winding down through the lane of shops,
shop people out catching the air peered up at the gathering storm clouds
Dior's white neon cube positively glowed on the skyline


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