Monday, January 30, 2006

RIP people

And the good news just keeps on ... coming

Sunday's NY Times Obit for Bill Rice ' Bill Rice , 74, Downtown Artist, Actor and Impresario , Dies'
'for decades a lynchpin of the now all-but-extinct cultural undeground of the Lower East Side'
In 1978 , Bill made a notable screen debut in "G-Man" a film by Scott and Beth B , as Max Earl , an FBI agent with an affinity for transvestism.
That's probably where I first saw Bill's face , he had one of those singular faces like say, Steve Buschemi or a character actor you always saw in well, B or C movies.
I remember seeing those Scott and Beth B movies , they were the visual counterparts of the No wave and punk /post punk musiks that were all around downtown at that time.
You could see them on St.Marks Place or around the corner on Second Avenue at the movie house there when I got here in 1978 .
But he was really a good part of NYC, simply another creative doing what he wanted to do and now he's gone.

Ditto Nam Jun Paik , who passed away on Sunday in Miami .
RIP Bill and Nam

Not exactly gone yet but close , Anchor man Bill Woodruff and his cameraman from ABC , blown up by a roadside bomb in Baghdad .
I probably feel this more then a 'normal' casualty because of my respect topped by sadness for Bill's x boss Peter Jennings' passing bk in August.
Almost like friends getting injured or passing away somehow
Bush's war rolls on towards ...


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