Saturday, January 14, 2006

Queen of dangerous sisters

Good news in the DCC camp . Details to come ...
Right now it looks like the new Ep WILL be coming out later this year
so it's exciting

Caught a new bits about the Japanese after midnight shows
Joou , Queen of the Girls on TV Tokyo
& before that , it was Dangerous Sister on Fuji TV that were hot
haven't seen them yet tho'
Two seabirds flew by high above the rain spattered windows
Alaska's Mt.Augustine erupted today for the 8th time since Wednesday
Another Silk Road special coming on @ 7:43 tonight and 2 parties to attend
later on but it's wet out so may not make it out at all ...

Listening to the DCC tracks , the Public Domain songs , the DCC VOl. 2 old stuff
and the NDWelle compilation WOEBOT made


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