Friday, January 27, 2006

At play in the fields of the non- Lords

Have been enjoying the H Miyazaki anime series on Thurs
Last week it was Whisper Of The Heart , on the surface a simple story of the young girl who liked to read lots of books and didn't have a boyfriend.
But it was touching in a way that HM's anime seem to be and I found that moving for an Anime.
Last night was 1995's Pom Poko , the story of racoons trying to deal with the encroaching humans developing the land they had lived on since forever.
Building 'New Tama' displaced the racoons and they tried their transformational powers to intimidate the people to leave their place, but in the end the racoons , like the foxes before them , had to work to blend in with the humans and rode the pac
ked trains like the rest of humanity.
Not a happy ending ... Happy endings ?
The year end report on human rights filled with research and quasi facts on where we are as a 'humanity' .
300,000 child soldiers and a 21 billion arms market -arms trade ...

Meanwhile Google launched Google Chinese version,
same day as China orders the shut down of Bing Dian (Freezing Point) which goes with to the China Youth Daily.
Earlier in the month Chinese police battled villagers in Southern China's industrial heartland in another land protest in which a young girl died and 60 were injured.
This time it was in Panlong , in Guangdong Province .
The earlier , similar incident happened in Dongzhou , 240 miles to the North on Dec.6
A researcher reports that pollution is limiting the amount of sun that China recieves yearly ...
Indo had a major earthquake deep offshore today ,
meanwhile the US mining Co., Freeport McMoRan will be investigated for their decades of payments to the Indo military .
Hamas won a democratic election in Palestine,
Cuba protests the 5 foot high electronic sign that has been placed on the side of the US Mission that continually flashes 'news' such as 'Conservatives win election in Canada'
Bush blurts out 'they want a weapon' when asked about Iran
and someone dies every minute.

A new planet found by the OGLE group ...
21,000 light years from earth
5.5 times the size of earth


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