Friday, January 13, 2006

Below Imja Peak

Came across some photos from trip to Himalayas in 2000
while rearranging stuff in the house and doing the year end purge .
March 2000 out on high mountain glacial moraine in between the Lhotse glacier to the North , and Chukhung glacier to the South West and already the wind was really cold in our ears .
From a crest in the moraine we could see the trail to the icy lake Imja Tso (5010m)
Further out we were surrounded by Ambulapcha glacier , Imja glacier
and further on around Imja Peak (6189m) and deeper still , the Lhotse Shar glacier looked to be a really cold and hard place where a few climbers broke themselves ...
The Shar is a gigantic wall of slow moving ice and snow climbing down from the heights of Lhotse itself (8501m).
Behind Lhotse rises the huge mass of the final peak Mount Everest
or Chomolungma (8848m)
We had bright sun amid wind sending whirls of stone dust , air pressure
and a high altitude headache from the wind that hadn't stopped for awhile
and now seemed to be rising .
Out towards the Imja Tso we watched a dustdevil spin for a minute by the shore
It was a just a really huge space with a lot of air wind atmosphere
quiet , still and crystalline like a giant bowl hearing all these winds blowing in from around us ...
The previous night we all had gone out onto the terrace and saw lightning playing along the shoulders of the super high mountains that loomed up valley and towards the Tibet border
My Sherpa guide broke me out of my revelry and we moved on,
picking out way carefully in and out of glacial craters


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