Thursday, December 22, 2005

All the Young Gods

The Young Gods thread on Dissensus reminded me of another unsung ,
by now largely unknown ( hey, I know this sub group well!) friends of The Gods - Treponam Pal (from France I believe).
Anyone hear the first record , the first track blares and burns like ...
something from the early Gods.
This was a great period for Industrial /Post punk industrial music
and while The Gods were known for rocking without visible guitars -
TP had two guitarists they just sounded (sometimes) like samplers .

There was a period in the early 1990's when Helmet ruled the NY underground,
Cop Shoot Cop had honed their two bass , sampler and metal washtub attack (before Todd moved to be um , the 'singer'and botched the whole show) and black rain rocked Tompkins Square Park to end the 'Remember The Riots' free show with a Bones bass,
Furtado drums , Roy Mayorga (Thorn , Soulfly) , metal drums (post ENB/pre Slipknot) and tape FX.
Surrounded by phalanx of New York's finest waiting for us to blow past the appointed end time.
Distinctly remember this photographer from downtown anarchist rag who got too close and right in front of me onstage getting flung off the stage and back from whence he came.
As in back the *uck up man
At least we didn't burn the stage like previous gigs ...

We would go see triple bills of Anthrax / Megadeth / Slayer @ Madison Sq. Garden
or Helmet just before they got signed /Sepultura looming large off the stage thrashing and pummelling ...


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