Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New year sessions and elsewhere

have resumed rehearsal and musicmaking sessions
diving into finishing more tracks for the DCC new Ep & Album which is
untitled as of yet >
DCC now being just about done with tracks for
DragRacing (w/ Rammellzee) ,
deepSpacewoman (with Ramm & Honeychild) ,
Ignition Spark and Funky Dream Four (with Nadia Lippman)

now we work are onto the next ones that need another round of attention >
That's what im looking for' , temp title for a piece that DJ High Priest came up with by playing one of our tracks waay slowed down, it turned out to become a crowd favorite in Osaka and Tokyo and we want to get it down onto the Album fast .

Superfunky' . This Ramm performance on drum pattern Nick brought in ,
Shin's great funk & jazz electric bass . future Classics all the way
After midnight celebration in the Offworld club Let the Clubs Ring ,
Death Comet Crew trip across riphop expanded
further by a trilogy of post electric Miles interstellar funky
tone pieces set out in the new planet 2003UB313 (Alpha delta 2003UB313),
the icy hydrogen Moons on Titan seas and Runmap

Elsewhere in
the happening world
Earthquakes felt in up and down the West coast Cali to S America ,
also off Greece and elsewhere .
Program on the little Ice Age on History Ch.
centerist scientists reconsidering recent global warming
first made Chinese car at the US Auto Show
West Va. Coal miners death truly tragicplay
NSA phone , web AND mail spying without Congress'approval
and 'will Bush bomb Iran in March'


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